Inspiring Bloggers: October Edition

September was a rough month for me. Between supporting a close friend who suffered a great loss and losing my own grandmother, the blog was put on the back burner.  Which is okay… life happens and sometimes you need to put things on pause.

It does mean that I missed my monthly installment of ‘bloggers who are inspiring me’ which is a piece of my 4-part plan to get out of debt and reach financial independence. Side note: if you want to know who inspired me in July and August just click the hyperlinks 🙂

Without further ado, here are the amazing folks  (and their posts) that  I think you should check out (if you haven’t already). Spoiler alert: they are all women. I didn’t pick all women on purpose… just turns out that there are a lot of really great women blogging about personal finance!

Inspiring Bloggers (2)

Saving Joyfully: Transparency writers block and blogger burnout 

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I know I’ve  given a shoutout to Andrea already, but she is just so darn awesome! Her posts are always inspiring, she’s super supportive of other bloggers and I want to be her BFF in real life. Her post on writer’s block was short and sweet and exactly what I needed to read when I was feeling all kinds of guilt for not doing more with my blog in September. Here’s a snippet: “Many people feel burn out due to the pressure they feel to produce great content and the lack of time or inspiration they have to produce this content. As I was sitting here thinking about the goal of my blog being to help others I realized that this is another opportunity to do just that. To let my fellow bloggers know that they are not alone and that I can relate to their struggles. This is just another reason that supporting other bloggers is so important and why we need to help each other through encouragement.” See?! She’s the awesomest. Check out all her posts at:

Why We Money: Balancing Money and Life: Do You Believe Money ≠ Happiness?

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This is a mind-set-changing post written by Amanda from that will force you to think about  the steps you need to take to have enough money to live a full life today, and the ability to put away enough for the life you want in the future, which is exactly what I’m looking for! (see my last $ check-in …super frugal just isn’t for me). She points out that for most of us, our spending patterns and values really don’t mesh, but they can and should! My favorite part is:  “ask yourself “What would my future self tell me to do?”  Simple advice, but do most of us really listen to ‘future’ us?  Bonus is that Amanda has included an exercise to get you started.  But, enough from me, go check it out yourself!

Cash Crone: Say No to Budget Bullies

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You wouldn’t think a 30-something professional would be victim to bullies, but after reading this post I realize that I have been for years! Sure, they are some of my best friends and they mean well, but their pressure to take big trips (I have 3 girlfriends begging me to join them for a Jamaican holiday in the new year), go shopping (I’m on a no-retail-shopping break until my debt is gone), or buy a new car (my partner makes fun of my 10-year old set of wheels weekly) can really make it hard to stick to my financial plan and goals! This post by Rosie Wolf Williams of is a great read that I think many of us can relate to. She reviews the different types of bullies and how to spot them. My Budget Bullies are great at rationalizing purchases for me that I know are only gonna get me into more money struggles (come on, you work so hard, you deserve it!). My fave part of the post:  “PRACTICE SAYING IT – NO THANKS. NO THANKS. NO. THANKS….It’s really not your business what [people] think of you. And with practice, it gets easier.”  Awesome advice!

Money Scrap: September 2018 – Income, Expenses And Goals 

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Fellow Canadian and self-professed wannabe personal finance blogger, this woman has her sh!t together. Caroline’s amazingly honest, funny and detailed in her posts and is really working her butt off to achieve her goal of FIRO (Financially Independent Retirement Optional).  I like that she keeps track of health and wellness too. I personally find that if I concentrate on one area of my life, other parts  tend to get  ignored (or I stress out and eat ALL the girl guide cookies), so its nice to see others deal with these struggles too:  “Back to eating sweets but a lot less than pre-August. I keep track of my food intake in the Fitbit app now, so it motivates me to stop eating when I reach my max., most of the time. I am applying the same method as I do for budgeting! Keep track of it!” Amen Sistah! Read more at



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  1. Thank you so much for the mention. Your friendship and support means so much to me. You definitely have a friend here even though we only know each other virtually. I appreciate you and I am here if you ever need anything I hope you know I am just an email o a message away.

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