Payday #5: keeping it short and sweet

This post is a bit late where payday was on August 23rd. I blame it on vacation (and refuse to feel bad about it). 😇  If you are new to these posts, the ground rules can be found here.

Payday #5_ keeping it short and sweet

Where my money went: August 9-23 

  • 🦐 $232.14: Groceries including $130 worth of lobster that I purchased for a lovely meal with friends. I know. I really do have a beer budget with champagne taste. Must. Stop. Splurging.
  • ⛽ $20: Gas. Less use of personal vehicle = big savings this week.
  • 👙$630.38: 1.5 week vacation. I split the cost with a travel mate, so this includes (almost) everything: gas, accommodations, food, activities and an unfortunate highway tire explosion and repair. I’m shamefully having to admit that this isn’t the entire cost though… more on that below 😬

For a total of $882.52 which is $132.52 over what I had budgeted. wah wahhhh. Old habits die hard, but I’m not giving up!

Where my money is going:

  • $100: Emergency Fund
  • $175: Debt repayment including $14 interest.
  • $389: Credit card. Yes, I broke a rule and used my credit card to pay for vacation costs. This included AirBNB rentals and food (in addition to the costs above). So in total, vacation cost me over $1000. I feel like I definitely could have spent less, but I packed a ton of memories and experiences into 1.5 weeks (sea kayaking, zip-lining, hiking, beach, seafood, canoeing, camping, campfires complete with roasted marshmallows, reading, wine…) and I didn’t break any other ‘rules’ like indulging in retail shopping. All said and done, I didn’t take on debt and I had a blast, so I’m feeling O.K. about where my dollars went.

New totals:

  • Emergency Fund: $400 
  • Debt: 33,840  which is a total of $2,311 down since my first blog post in June, and over $5,645 paid off (and kept off) since January.

Plan for the Next 2-weeks:

  • Get Inspired: I’m happy to report that since revealing that I was not digging 7-habits of Highly Effective People, I have been reading it and (low and behold) I’m getting into it. Lots of inspiration to come, I’m sure.
  • Spend Less: I’m back to a ‘normal’ budget of $370 for gas, groceries and other ‘wants’. I know I’ve been struggling to hit this target, but I really do think it’s doable and it’s also the only way I’ll be able to hit my debt repayment goals.
  • Make More: No income to report on my side-hustle yet so I’m focusing on finding customers. As part of this, I set up a small business shipping account so that I can sell online. So much to learn on this front!
  • Stay Accountable: I’ll be tracking everything and reporting back on September 6th.  See you then!


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