Financial gurus inspiring me this month… and a few who aren’t so much

Last month I told you  about Frugal Husband, Jessica Moorhouse Can Do Hannitude ,  The Frugal Fellow  and Budgets are Sexy  and how they are inspiring me  to finally win my 14-year battle with a $40,000 debt-load. These folks continue to be inspiring and if you haven’t checked them out yet, you definitely should.

While you’re at it, I also highly recommend these bloggers.

Financial gurus inspiring me this month

Saving Joyfully: Andrea is famous for the best reasons. Everyone loves her upbeat and positive take on life. She has great financial posts and is a cheerleader for other bloggers. I love her featured blogger series Worst College Money Mistakes  mainly because it makes me feel not so bad about the silly decisions I’ve made with my own money, and  all of the folks she interviews are now on their way to financial independence. You can find Andrea on twitter @savingjoyfully.

Women Who Money: As a woman, I’m a big fan of  women who support other women; they are much better people than the stereotypical catclaw-wielding ladies who see the success of others as a direct assault on their own worth. Women who money was founded by Amy Blacklock  and Vicki Cook  and includes a plethora of financial tips, tools,  testimonials and solid guidance for women (or anyone) looking to get their financial house in order. It includes original content and also showcases contributions from novice, intermediate and advanced financially minded ladies. Definitely worth checking out!  Find them on twitter @WomenWhoMoney.

Beyond a Budget: Written by millennial couple, Joel and Emily, they successfully paid off $40,000 in debt in 12 months (#goals).  5 reasons to get serious about your debt and How to get motivated to transform your debt are a few great posts to get your debt-killing mojo running. They also have some nifty tools to get you started on your journey. Find them on Twitter @beyondabudget

Mike Beatty Kaizen BT: Not a finance blog, but still inspiring because it gets you thinking about the things that are important and what makes you happy- shocker- it’s not money! Check out 7 ways to find happiness as a starting point. You can find him on twitter @mbeatty555.

Who’s not inspiring me (so far)

I accepted a  summer reading challenge to read 2 personal finance books by the end of summer. In my attempt to save $, I decided to pick 2 books that were in my home library. DhaoOuhV4AAEhA5The lucky titles were 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey,   which I understand is a FIRE staple,  and Suze Orman’s 9 steps to Financial Freedom. Both a bit dated, but I’m sure still have all of the info I need.  I haven’t started Suze Orman’s book yet, mainly because I cannot get through 7 habits! I’M SORRY! I know its supposed to be an awe inspiring,  life changing book… but I just can’t get into it! It’s full of  rambly stories (so far) and ideas that I’ve heard before. I’m hoping its just the first few chapters, which is why I am going to stick it out. Summer doesn’t end until September 22nd, so I still have time to finish both books. I’ll let you know how I make out!


12 thoughts on “Financial gurus inspiring me this month… and a few who aren’t so much

  1. I love beyond a budget and saving joyfully too. Such a positive vibe and they talk so much sense!! I’ll have to look up women who Money so thanks for sharing!!

    Keep going with 7 habits… funny enough my blog tomorrow is all about something I picked up from there…. possibly the one thing I would recommend to anyone who’d like to be a bit more successful!!

    (I definitely skim read some of those stories so I know what you mean 🤣)

    Thanks again


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  2. Thanks so much for the shout-out! We’re in some great company there for sure! I haven’t read Suze Orman but I certainly appreciate all she’s done for women in terms of getting their financial acts together. I am a big Covey fan though! If you can get through the noise – focus on the key principles he presents. I still use some each day. Circle of influence vs. circle of concern, the quadrants of what is important, seek first to understand and then to be understood – lots of good stuff their after you “weed out” some of the rest! Have a great weekend! This is Vicki from Women Who Money too 😉

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  3. Those are some inspiring people. I’ve read Stephen Covey’s “First Things First”, but I’ve yet to check out “7 habits”. I’ll get to it one day.

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  4. Thanks so much for the shout out and kind words about Women Who Money. We are honored to be included. Keep pushing through those books if you can, while parts of them will feel like nothing new, there are definitely some worthwhile nuggets.

    P.S. Sometimes when one book doesn’t resonate with you it’s good to set it aside for a while and pick it up later…at least that works for me sometimes. 🙂

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    1. Great point Amy… I find that there’s a “right time” for me to read certain books

      I really found “the power of now” to be one of those. If you’re not in the right frame of mind it won’t help at all and sound like a load of …….. 😜

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  5. How are you doing on getting through the books? I read the “7 Habits” long ago & found it useful. Also used to watch Suze Orman on TV, lol. However, the books that really made a difference to me were “Your Money or Your Life” and Dave Ramsey’s books. It wasn’t until I read Ramsey’s books that I really took action, and I reinforced what I’d read by listening to his radio show every day – hearing people do their debt-free screams was inspiring!

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    1. I’m halfway through “7 habits” and I’m really liking it now! Haven’t touched Suze Orman yet, but the only reason I recognized her as a financial smarty pants was from a public television marathon. Lol. Ramsey and ‘your money or your life’ are on my list too. I haven’t heard of a debt-free scream, but I can’t wait to do my own! 😀


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