Losing weight and paying off debt: 3 similarities

I recently lost 25 lbs (11.3 kilos). I feel great about this. I’m the same size I was in high school and a little over halfway to my ‘I feel amazing in my skin’ goal. Now, before you start telling me that I should be happy with whatever size I am, I will tell you: Yes, you are right. But my weight-loss isn’t about size or shape or being skinny. It’s about how I feel when I wake up in the morning: my energy level; how strong my body feels; and making sure that I will  physically be able to do whatever I want as I get older.

Since starting to write about my quest to (finally) pay off debt, it got me thinking about the similarities between my approach to weight loss and my approach to debt repayment… and it’s giving me hope!

How do they compare? Read on!

Losing weight and paying off debt _ 3 similarities (1)

One: freedom and power

I’m not paying off my debt to get rich. I’m taking control of my financial present and future so that I can stop obsessing about money – how much I have, how much I owe and what I should or shouldn’t be spending it on….  I want to get rid of my debt, save and invest so that I have the freedom and power to live my life how I want. It’s the same idea with weight loss. I want to be as healthy and strong as I possibly can so that I will physically be able to run a half marathon, hike a mountain, and wear what I want with confidence, and I want to do it all at any age.

Two: the process

My 4-step approach to debt-repayment is pretty much the same as my approach to weight-loss. I’m not taking any new pills or supplements or paying someone to hypnotize me. Here’s how it looks:

  1. Just like I’m staying inspired to pay down my debt, I’ve been finding inspiration for weight-loss through reading articles and listening to podcasts. My favorite right now is Betches Diet Starts Tomorrow ’cause it’s so damn relate-able.
  2. Spending less vs. regulating food intake. This does not mean that I’m starving myself. I’m 5’8″ and have an office job… I was regularly eating 2200+ calories /day which is much more than I need to maintain a healthy weight. I’ve been making a conscious effort to eat less, while ensuring that what I do eat is higher quality to fuel my body. This is kinda interesting because my spend-less approach has me being much pickier about what I’m willing to spend my money on too.
  3. Earning more $ vs.  burning more calories. I know that making more money will help me achieve my financial goals faster, which I’m doing through side-hustling.  To help kick my weight-loss into gear (and make my body stronger) I’ve been running, biking, hiking and lifting weights. Added bonus is that these are all natural mood-enhancers. The same can be said for my side-hustle cause I love it too!
  4. Staying accountable. I’ve been recording how well I’m sticking to my financial plan via bi-weekly blog posts.  For weight loss, I really like sparkpeople for tracking  calories and activity level. This site also doubles as inspiration because of the great community support it provides. Bonus is that it’s free.

Three: there are bad days (and good!)

Just like there are days when I overspend, there are days when I eat more than I really need to (ever had a Canadian poutine? enough said).

Canadian kryptonite

There are also days when I know I really should be working on my side hustle to bring in the extra $, just like there are times when I should be working out for wellness. The important thing for both financial and physical health, is to get back on track. One (or more) slip up (s) doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. All change takes time, and it only results from consistency, focus, and recognition of small wins along the way. 

Long story short, I finally feel like I might just have the right plan (and attitude required) to hit all of my health and wealth goals. Now, I gotta go for a run or sidehustle something… 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Losing weight and paying off debt: 3 similarities

  1. This post is awesome! Love the way you twist and joined two topics as one. Really great! I can’t wait for the “Finally achieved it” post. Sending love and good vibes to u 🙌

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