The financial smarty pants inspiring me this month…

… and why you should check them out too!

It’s nearly my 4-week blog-iversary!ūüôĆ I made the decision to publicly chronicle my struggle from living in a perpetual debt-cycle to millionaire status (shoot for the moon, right?) on June 19th.¬† at least you'll land among the starsIn that time, I’ve learned a bit more about blogging (like what SEO, affiliate marketing and Follow Friday are) and more about personal finance (super key to becoming a millionaire,eh).¬† Most importantly, I’ve been welcomed into the online blog and personal finance communities with open arms!

This is great news for me, because step 1 of my 4-step process to get out (and stay out) of debt is to get (and stay) inspired to hit my goals. Turns out I don’t need to look far. So, without further ado,¬† here is the list of folks currently inspiring me. Check them out!

Kristopher Lee, the Frugal Husband: His post,  Do poor people have time for investments  spoke to me. I once pawned my home phone and backstreet boys cd collection (yes, you may giggle at that) to make rent. The thing is, there are a lot of people who face these struggles (and worse) on the daily, but not many are willing to talk about it. Kristopher is honest and relateable in his blog,  which is huge in a world where many of us believe that financial health, and wealth, is out of reach. Check him out for useful tips and techniques on getting out of debt and building wealth! You can find  Kristopher on twitter @FrugalHusband.

Jessica Moorhouse:¬† DhaoOuhV4AAEhA5Jessica is a Canadian millennial money expert and the host of the¬†Mo’Money¬† podcast, which I’ve mentioned before.¬† I started to listen to Jessica a few months ago because I was loving the Afford Anything podcast and looking for similar Canadian content- she doesn’t disappoint! The reason I’m including Jessica this month is that she inspired (challenged?) me to read (at least) 2 personal finance¬† books¬† through her Summer Money Challenge.¬† I was planning to save money by visiting the local library, but it turns out that my home library already has a few nuggets that I haven’t read yet. ¬†Find Jessica on Twitter¬†@jessi_moorhouse¬†

Hannah, Can Do Hannitude: Hannah doesn’t blog about money. An excerpt from her About Me section reads: Overall, my main goal of this blog is to encourage women. Encourage men. Encourage those who have lost their jobs. Encourage those with jobs trying to make a name for themselves. Encourage all people. And share my journey. Because we all have a voice. And each of our voices is as relevant as the other.¬†This is exactly what Hannah does! In the short time I’ve been connected to her, Hannah has linked me with some wonderful fellow financial bloggers (a few are on this list), entertained with her witty posts, and been a positive twitter force by supporting her followers with shout-outs and retweets. She’s entertaining as hell. You can find her on twitter¬†@candohannitude

Bob Haegele,¬†The Frugal Fellow¬†: Not only has this guy paid off $100k in student loans, he’s a great writer and highly entertaining! I liked his post on¬†prioritizing savings and debt¬†so much, that it was one of my first retweets. Unfortunately, I’m such a twitter newb that I gave credit to the Frugal Husband for the post. Bob was great about my misstep though . His blog covers student loans, savings, investing, credit cards, and frugal living.¬† Follow him on twitter¬†@thefellowfrugal to stay up-to-date on these and other topics. BONUS: if you are a new blogger (like me), Bob also has great tips and ideas for you. ūüėÄ

J. Money,¬† Budgets are Sexy :¬† J. has been inspiring me for months. It was a Money Show/AffordAnything podcast episode that inspired me to start blogging- J’s advice was to just start writing and write everyday. So that’s what I’ve been doing. ANYWAY, there are two OTHER reasons I’m including J. on this month’s list: he retweeted my first ever Twitter post (did I mention how much I geeked out when this happened! #starstruck lol); and DhHlvQBVAAEDm42more importantly, he challenged me to FINALLY calculate my networth. I had been avoiding this because I assumed I was deep in the red, but it turns out I’m worth more (financially) than I thought! I included a screenshot here, and I’ll continue to track and report on my net worth going forward. You can find J’s nifty calculator to determine your own net worth here, and you can find J. on twitter¬†@BudgetsAreSexy

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