Payday #10…

I'm a few days late, but better late than never, right?  Here goes... Where my money went October 18th - November 1st  $124.63: Groceries $98.78: Entertainment $598.57: I extended a work trip to visit friends and went to the spa, bought a new fall coat and 2 pairs of boots (yep, broke the no-retail shopping … Continue reading Payday #10…


Payday #9: baby steps

Last check-in, I decided on a few things: 1) the super-frugal lifestyle is not for me (so I increased my spending limit); and 2) a detailed budget sucks (so I decided to go with the 'anti-budget' a la Paula Pant). How did I make out? Where my money went October 4th - 18th: $36.01 Coffee. … Continue reading Payday #9: baby steps

Inspiring Bloggers: October Edition

September was a rough month for me. Between supporting a close friend who suffered a great loss and losing my own grandmother, the blog was put on the back burner.  Which is okay... life happens and sometimes you need to put things on pause. It does mean that I missed my monthly installment of 'bloggers … Continue reading Inspiring Bloggers: October Edition

Payday #8: confession time

We all know it takes time and effort to form new habits and just as much work (or more) to break them. I have been working at debt reduction for 108 days. So far, I really have done well, but sooner or later I was gonna slip up. Well, that time has come. Where my … Continue reading Payday #8: confession time

Payday #7: Emergency fund goal achieved

It's been 3 months of blogging and $ tracking. My plan for the past 2 weeks was to stick to a $545 budget. This is $355 less than what I would normally spend (all on credit of course). Here's how I made out. Where my money went September 6th -September 20th:  🛍️$150.28 Groceries. ⛽$40: Gas 🍱$44.44: … Continue reading Payday #7: Emergency fund goal achieved

Top 3 reasons you should ask for a raise.

In June, I committed to asking for a raise. Well, I finally did. The result? I just need to do the paperwork and I should see my yearly income go up by 15%. Not a jackpot, but certainly better than the usual 2 to 4% we can get for good performance. The whole experience of … Continue reading Top 3 reasons you should ask for a raise.

Payday #6: you mean a budget requires a plan?

It's been 11 weeks since blog post #1 and the beginning of my journey to squash my remaining non-student-loan-debt (I paid that bad boy off last month 🙌). I've already reduced all of my fixed costs as much as I can, so I'm really relying on keeping my disposable income budget under control and making … Continue reading Payday #6: you mean a budget requires a plan?

Payday #5: keeping it short and sweet

This post is a bit late where payday was on August 23rd. I blame it on vacation (and refuse to feel bad about it). 😇  If you are new to these posts, the ground rules can be found here. Where my money went: August 9-23  🦐 $232.14: Groceries including $130 worth of lobster that I purchased for … Continue reading Payday #5: keeping it short and sweet

Can being grateful really save you money?

I've seen a few posts on the topic - people advocating that being grateful is one of the biggest keys to reaching financial independence. I have to be honest. My first reaction to this type of thinking was, 'yeah, that's a nice thought, but I don't really see how being thankful for my lovely family … Continue reading Can being grateful really save you money?

Financial gurus inspiring me this month… and a few who aren’t so much

Last month I told you  about Frugal Husband, Jessica Moorhouse,  Can Do Hannitude ,  The Frugal Fellow  and Budgets are Sexy  and how they are inspiring me  to finally win my 14-year battle with a $40,000 debt-load. These folks continue to be inspiring and if you haven't checked them out yet, you definitely should. While you're at it, I also highly recommend … Continue reading Financial gurus inspiring me this month… and a few who aren’t so much